Idling Action St Albans is a campaign that encourages local drivers to switch off their engines when stationary for longer than a minute.  Let’s work together for cleaner air!

Running your engine when you’re not driving it (idling) truly gets you nowhere. It reduces your vehicle’s fuel economy, costs you money and creates pollution which is harmful to health.


We are looking for volunteers to spread the word about our Idling Action St Albans campaign and help stop drivers idling their engines when stationary – contact us here

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What is the problem?

The problem is that stationary cars release up to 20 times more exhaust emissions than when the car is moving at 30 mph. These pollutants have detrimental effects on human health and contribute to respiratory illness, cancer and premature deaths. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

It is estimated that poor air quality leads to 40,000 premature deaths each year in the UK. Compare this to the 1,713 deaths from road traffic accidents and we can see that this is a significant problem. People can be affected by poor air quality even if they never experience any noticeable pollution related-health effects such as breathing problems because some of the effects are chronic and long-term.



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